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Grantham unites to rescue and rehome Thomas the train station cat

Residents have come together to rescue and care for a cat who eluded kind-hearted locals for more than two years as well as find him a forever home.

Thomas, the Grantham train station cat, has been regularly seen and reported on Facebook with a growing list of injuries and wounds. Despite attempts to catch him and take him for treatment, he had evaded capture.

However, yesterday (Thursday, March 28), he was finally rescued after a prolonged effort by dedicated individuals and their team of supporters.

Thomas the cat was rescued after two years eluding local residents.
Thomas the cat was rescued after two years eluding local residents.

Thomas, known for his rugged appearance and elusive nature, had been sighted roaming the area for over two years, bearing visible signs of distress with severe injuries.

Wendy Dwyer's post on the Grantham UK Lost and Found Facebook page expressed her relief and jubilation as she announced the successful capture of the elusive feline.

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After Becky Lindsay-Tye found Thomas trapped in her garden, Sue Eve swiftly took him to the vet for care.

People were worried about the condition of Thomas, the train station cat.
People were worried about the condition of Thomas, the train station cat.

In her post, Wendy thanked “each and every person who has messaged and posted sightings, fed him and looked out for him”.

“You are an amazing community out in force for one little cat,” she said.

However, it’s not all good news.

Vets have helped treat Thomas' wounds.
Vets have helped treat Thomas' wounds.

The cat underwent examination and treatment, revealing a grim diagnosis of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), likely stemming from his traumatic past of untreated injuries and infections.

Despite his ordeal, Thomas showed remarkable resilience and a gentle temperament, winning the hearts of those involved in his rescue.

“After all this beautiful boy has been through he is taking it all in his stride and actually seems to be a very sweet character,” said Wendy.

She has now launched a fundraising campaign to secure the necessary funds to cover his extensive veterinary expenses and facilitate his transition to a forever home.

The GoFundMe campaign, initiated by Wendy Dwyer, aims to not only support Thomas but also alleviate the financial burden on Clare Harby and her team, who have tirelessly worked towards his rescue and rehabilitation.

Clare, who has led the investigation into Thomas' journey from the start, recounted the challenges faced in attempting to capture the elusive cat over the years.

"Local residents rallied together, reporting Thomas' whereabouts and offering assistance in his rescue efforts, demonstrating the power of collective compassion and determination.

“We were worried that we were only gonna be able to catch him once he was too poorly to run from us but thankfully not,” she said.

“Locals were very good in letting us know his whereabouts and many tried to catch him but he was very streetwise.

“Despite him having FIV, he can live a normal life.

“We just need to find him a home where he’s the only cat but could live with other animals.

“His temperament seems good for now, hopefully it stays that way.

“His wounds were bad, but the vets were surprised at how well he’s healed himself; there will be lots of scars, but that tells his story.”

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