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Plans to change three-bedded bungalow in Grantham into children’s home are delayed over parking concerns

Plans to transform a bungalow into a children’s home have been deferred over parking concerns.

Several councillors in South Kesteven District Council’s planning committee were left “troubled” over the plans to convert the three-bedded bungalow at 52 Saltersford Road, Grantham, into a home for up to three children aged between four and 17 years old.

Concerns raised were the impact on surrounding elderly residents, the impact on the character of the area and parking.

52 Saltersford Road, Grantham. Photo: RightMove
52 Saltersford Road, Grantham. Photo: RightMove

After much debate, the plans were initially refused but later deferred on the condition a planning management plan be put forward by applicant Curtis Hambly.

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Coun Charmaine Morgan (Dem Ind, Grantham St Vincent’s) believed the property was not the right choice for a “therapeutic children’s home”.

She said: “These children are vulnerable, needing a private environment to be themselves and engage with a high ratio of carers.

The floor plan for the property. Photo: SKDC
The floor plan for the property. Photo: SKDC

“It’s a goldfish bowl, with most internal and external areas exposed to others with safeguarding ramifications.

“We cannot ignore the impact on the neighbourhood of the behaviour of children.

“The residents of Saltersford Road have the right to live in peace and our vulnerable children deserve a better environment.”

Alan Robertson, speaking alongside Mr Hambly, told councillors of the strain on Lincolnshire County Council’s children’s services, stating the authority has seen a 126% increase since 2021 for children needing the services.

He said: “We would like to start dialogue with providers who are interested in working more closely with us to provide quality placements for Lincolnshire young people which are as close to home as an existing community as possible.”

Councillors also questioned the parking available - which the plan states would be three spaces - and if the lack of spaces would cause disturbance for children and staff.

Coun Sarah Trotter (Con, Lincrest) said: “It really troubles me about the size of the place - where is everybody going to fit?

“The staff need to look after the children so when they are moving their car, they need to do it one at a time.

“It just doesn't add up to me.”

Members including Coun Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem, Stamford St Mary’s) and Coun Penny Milnes (Ind, Loveden Heath) queried what children would be in the home, their age group and if they have additional needs.

However, councillors were told this was not relevant and their decision must be based on the change of use, not the children who would be in the home.

Before the initial refusal, Coun Paul Fellows (Dem Ind, Bourne Austerby) saw “no reason whatsoever” the application could not be granted so the home could be offered to “young people that need it”.

He added: “What it might provide, and if they can live in this situation, it provides them with care and love and comfort that is far better than a tower block somewhere.

“The placement of this bungalow at the edge of that very residential street ticks that box.

“As human beings - I think it is our duty to do so.”

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