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'Save money on your pets in cost of living crisis', says Grantham expert

With the cost of living crisis set to stay and potentially get worse over the coming months, I thought I would use this month’s article to share some money-saving tips to help you keep your pets in their essentials, says pet expert Sara Barnes of wholetsyourdogoutuk.com

Animal rescues up and down the country are already reporting an increase in pets being surrendered and many are still full to capacity.

1 – Shop around for your pet food and other supplies. Don’t just check the local stores, think about the online stores as well. Last week I managed to combine a buy one get one half price and a discount card and saved nearly £11 per bag on dog food. If you have any discount/loyalty cards check that you are making the most of them. If you can afford to buy in large packs/bulk as often this alone will save you money.

Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (52463818)
Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (52463818)

2 – Exercise portion control with your pets. Approximately 40 per cent of dogs in the UK are overweight, and cats and other pets are not that far behind. So a great way to save money and help your pet get to and maintain a healthy weight is to actually weigh their food rather than guessing what you are feeding them. Remember to check the guidelines on the packaging and aim for what they should weigh rather than what they do weigh.

3 - If you need to get some general training support see if any local pet charities are offering courses that will meet your needs. These will often be at least 50 per cent cheaper than a private trainer.

4 – Get brushing. If you have a dog that needs a regular grooming, invest in the proper brushes/combs to take care of their coat. This may allow you to extend the visits between trips to the groomers. If you are really brave you could invest in some clippers and an online grooming course as well.

5 – Don’t forget to brush their teeth. The most common cause of tooth decay and gum disease in dogs is the lack of brushing of their teeth by their owners, or doing it incorrectly. If you need to get your dogs teeth polished and scaled it could cost as much as £233, whereas a toothbrush and toothpaste is about £10.

It is also advisable to get your pets insured; yes it will cost you more initially, but if you need to claim it will save you money. Just remember most of the time you need to pay and then claim back so having a credit card for pet emergencies is also a good idea.

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