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Grass snake spotted at Belton Woods Golf Course near Grantham

A businessman enjoying a sneaky nine holes in the sun was given a shock when he spotted a snake having a snooze on the golf course.

Dan Owen popped to Belton Woods Golf Course, near Grantham, at about 3pm yesterday (Tuesday, June 25) to enjoy a round, before heading home after a long day at work.

Approaching the seventh hole, he thought there was a stick on the ground but was surprised to see it wiggle off quickly. He managed to grab a quick video as it made its getaway.

“I thought it was a stick at first so it did give me a bit of a shock to see this stick suddenly start moving,” said Dan, 58, who recently moved to Hough-on-the-Hill.

Having lived in Australia for 28 years where snakes and even crocodiles were regularly spotted at golf courses.

“I regularly used to see them and it made me feel a bit homesick. We just need some crocs in the ponds and it would be pure Queensland, although I think it’s very unlikely,” he laughed.

A screengrab of the snake Dan Owen captured on video at Belton Woods Golf Course
A screengrab of the snake Dan Owen captured on video at Belton Woods Golf Course

Dan, who runs his own manufacturing firm, thought the snake might be an adder but LincsOnline has shown the video to an animal expert. They said it was most likely to be a grass snake, saying they were longer and more slender than adders and the environment was more suitable to a grass snake.

There are three types of snake native to the UK - adder, grass snake and smooth snake. Snakes bask in the sun to help them regulate their temperature.

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