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Grantham’s Breathe Easy Group is ‘not going anywhere’ as it celebrates 18 years

A support group for people with lung conditions will be celebrating its 18th birthday next week.

Grantham’s Breathe Easy Group will be celebrating 18 years next Wednesday (October 25).

Lesley Hart, who has been chair of the group for seven years, said the group is “not going anywhere” and it is “still here to offer support to people suffering”.

Grantham Breathe Easy Group
Grantham Breathe Easy Group

She added: “With respiratory disease, it can be so socially isolating, like someone with a cough could go to the pictures and people start tutting and are very rude and not very understanding.

“So, it makes it easy for people [with respiratory problems] not to go out.

“[With the group] they know they have a social event to come to.

“We are very understanding.”

Lesley first came across the group when a consultant recommended it to her husband who suffered from respiratory problems.

Chair Lesley Hart (third left) donating nebulisers to Grantham Hospital in July 2023.
Chair Lesley Hart (third left) donating nebulisers to Grantham Hospital in July 2023.

Sadly, her husband passed away before he could attend a group session, but Lesley decided to go and help out.

She added: “When I retired, I thought long and hard about what to do.

“I went along with the intention of making the tea, but the lady who was the chair at the time said she was stepping down.”

Lesley suggested that the chair at the time, Irene Webb, should stay for another year then Lesley would help out and take over.

Lesley then attended an AGM meeting and Irene said she would be stepping down and Lesley would take over.

Lesley said she “did not remember that part of the conversation”, but still accepted the position.

She said: “The first thing I did was move the group out of the hole we were in and into a new hall.

“They [members] were really good because I did worry about making big decisions but they are very obliging.

“They make it very easy and I am very fortunate that the members are really supportive.

“They are a lovely group.”

Looking to the future of the group, Lesley said she hopes it continues to grow and more people join.

She added: “There is a great need for it since Covid as there are a lot of people suffering from Long Covid.

“It’s about reaching out and letting people know we are here.

“It is important to make sure we are there to help the people of Grantham and surrounding areas and help them in their journey as lung diseases are life changing and life limiting.”

To find out more about the group, contact Lesley by email at lesleyhart2@btopenworld.com.

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