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‘We should be listening to our residents’ says Grantham reader over plans for purple bin rollout

One Journal reader has shared his views on the plans to add purple bins across the district.

David Burling, from Grantham, submitted the letter about South Kesteven District Council’s plan to add a purple bin for card and paper recycling.

The letter said:

Purple-lidded bins may be introduced across the district.
Purple-lidded bins may be introduced across the district.

Adoption of a circular economy is vital to ensure that we live in a sustainable future. To do this, we need to respond positively to initiatives that encourage recycling and reuse.

The lack of consultation over the purple bin proposal is frustrating and there are genuine issues with storing this bin alongside other bins at tightly packed properties such as terraced houses and flats, however the constant apologising for this policy by the current administration and the deferral of any questions to it to County Councillors rather than lobbying on behalf of residents is abdicating responsibility for which they were elected.

I've seen numerous occasions on social media over the past couple of weeks which have shown our local independent councillors constantly dodging the question, referring genuine questions to link to County Council representatives and basically adopting a "not me guv" approach to this policy.

Not once has any of these councillors extolled the value of this policy, the benefits that it will improve recycling rates or the general positive impact it will have on our local environment.

We should be listening to our residents, we should be taking into account their views and offering alternative solutions where a large purple container cannot be stored reasonably on somebody's property and we should be doing all we can to improve the recycling rates to move towards the circular economy that will benefit future generations.

David Burling

By email

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