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Campaigner demands council to ‘step up and do something’, after ducks and ducklings continue to be run over by drivers in Holbeach

An upset campaigner is demanding the council ‘step up and do something’ to protect ducks after ‘heartbreaking’ incidents on a busy town road.

Nicola Stone, 51, of West Pinchbeck, recently made a petition to protect ducks and ducklings from traffic in Holbeach and is calling for immediate action and support from the community.

The ongoing issue of speeding motorists along Spalding Road has meant a large number of ducks and ducklings are being run over – and last year saw 20 being killed, with one distressed resident labelling it a ‘massacre’.

Nicola Stone
Nicola Stone

Nicola said: “You can’t go into the town without seeing ducks, especially at this time of year. Ducks do what they want to do, they walk in the streets, sit in people’s gardens – they are literally everywhere.

“I started the petition because the stories I was hearing were horrific. There needs to be something done and I just thought ‘it isn’t good enough’.”

The petition proposes an introduction of signage, speed bumps or a dedicated ‘duck crossing’ to ensure safety and currently has 52 signatures so far.

Spalding road in Holbeach PHOTO: Google Maps
Spalding road in Holbeach PHOTO: Google Maps

Nicola added: “Most people stop and wait for them if they are crossing the road but I suspect the damage is being done out of hours when people who might have had something to drink, come out of the pubs and aim for the ducks.

“I’m hoping that if there is something there to make them slow down, hopefully then the idiots will see there is a consequence behind it and maybe think twice about their actions.

“I’ve heard stories of a mummy duck with 10 babies behind her, getting mowed down. The road is right outside a primary school as well, so someone is having to clean it up before the children either go to school the next morning or come out and see the carnage at the end of their day.

“It’s a big shame to the people of Holbeach and it’s heartbreaking. The council should step up and make it easier for these animals because they are living creatures and people adore them. The ducks have been around forever and they are a pleasure to look at – the children love to see them as well.

“I’m concerned if things continue the way they do, it will run them out of the town and they will choose to have their babies elsewhere.

“I have personally witnessed a mummy duck sitting in the road because she has ducklings either side of her and didn’t know what to do because of the heavy traffic. She was visibly stressed and the fact she couldn’t do anything to help her babies, it’s just awful and really touches my heart strings.”

A spokesperson from Lincolnshire County Council has advised Nicola to speak to her local county councillor, who will be able to put ideas into the process where they will be assessed, planned and put into scrutiny. They also recommended speaking to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, which will be able to give practical advice for drivers under the circumstances.

If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

What do you think should be done to tackle this issue? Comment below.

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