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Conservative Marc Jones vows to fulfil campaign promises after Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner victory

Conservative Marc Jones has said he will “work tirelessly” to deliver his manifesto after being elected as Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Jones managed to hold onto his seat on Thursday night, securing a majority of just under 8,000 votes, despite a 16% swing from Conservative to Labour.

Following the election, he stated that none of his promises were empty and that he would deliver on all of them.

Conservative candidate Marc Jones.
Conservative candidate Marc Jones.

“I'm excited about what we can achieve,” he said.

“We've appointed a new Chief Constable with some ambitious plans on how to reduce crime.

“I'm really looking forward to delivering that over the next four years.

“I'm always very clear about what I aim to achieve, and I will achieve it.

“None of my statements are empty promises; they will be fulfilled. And you know, that's what I always stand on, the fact that I've given my word and I will honour it.”

Prior to the elections, his promises included:

- Continuing to maximise police numbers

- Visible patrols targeting anti-social behaviour hotspots

- Enhancing the visibility of policing in our communities

- Returning thousands of officer hours to the streets and freeing them from bureaucracy

- Accelerating investigations with new investment that is costed

- Maintaining the best victim services in the country

Mr Jones faced competition from former police officers Mike Horder (Labour) and David Dickason (English Democrats), as well as West Lindsey District Council Deputy Leader Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrats) and cybersecurity consultant Peter Escreet (Reform UK).

Labour’s Mike Horder finished second, Reform’s Peter Escreet third, Liberal Democrat Lesley Rollings fourth, and English Democrat David Dickason fifth.

His rivals put a positive spin on the results, despite losing.

Mike stated that people desire the return of their police services and a positive change agenda from Labour.

Peter was pleased with local support but predicted that no increase in police numbers could lead to higher crime.

David expressed disappointment at not making a difference but accepted that voters made their choice, adding that he was looking ahead to the next general election.

However, this marks a decrease from the 68,503 margin of victory over Labour in 2021 - and represents a 16% swing from Conservative to Labour.

Turnout fell below 20% for the second time in the history of the role, with the 19.08% figure marking the second-lowest in Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections — the first occurred in 2012 (2021 was 31.25%, 2016 was 20.7%, and 2012 was 15.28%).

Turnout varied across the county, dipping to just 15% in South Holland.

Marc was first elected in 2016. He is only the second-ever holder of the position, which was created in 2012.

Lincolnshire PCC Elections 2024 results in full:

- Marc Jones (Conservative) — 39,639

- Mike Horder (Labour) — 31,931

- Peter Escreet (Reform UK) — 15,518

- Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrats) — 13,380

- David Dickason (English Democrats) — 7,739

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