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Lincolnshire secretary of the National Education Union slams Government for ‘failing’ the county’s schools

A union leader has called for an increase in funding for Lincolnshire’s education system to help support the next generation.

Ken Rustidge, the Lincolnshire secretary of the National Education Union, says that the Government has ‘failed’ in every area and wants the next Government to provide more support for schools.

His comments come after Lincolnshire County Council says it has ‘sufficient’ school places in Gosberton and Long Sutton to cater for two large housing developments which are earmarked for those areas.

Ken Rustidge
Ken Rustidge

Figures released by the county council show that there are just five spaces at Long Sutton County Primary School while there are 14 at Gosberton Primary Academy.

Mr Rustidge says the country needs more housing and that issues come from a ‘great under funding of education’ which he feels has led to schools being in poor condition.

He said: “The biggest problem is the Government has failed every area.

“Schools can do things to create more places but obviously that requires more funding that the government messed up everything it touches.

“The county council is doing a good job but what is bad is the government not fairly funding schools of the county.

“People will have to think very carefully. There is going to be a general election this year so they need to think very carefully about how better off they feel now than in 2010 and make the decision.

“I feel very strongly that the Government should invest in facilities.”

Mr Rustidge would also like to see fairer funding for schools across the country along with tackling rural poverty - and recent figures showed increasing numbers of our families now classed as living in poverty.

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