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Spalding audiologist in call to bring back free NHS ear wax removal

An audiologist is calling on the Government to help people recover their hearing after an important free service was withdrawn.

Nicola Green says there is a growing problem with people enduring hearing loss because they cannot afford to have their ear wax removed as this service is no longer offered on the NHS.

She is now writing to MP Sir John Hayes to enlist his help in calling on The Government to provide some sort of scheme for people who cannot afford private treatment.

Nicola Green from All Clear in Spalding
Nicola Green from All Clear in Spalding

Mrs Green said: “This is a growing problem. If you take away a service that has been there for years and years and not give them anything to of a smilar free nature then there are going to be people who will struggle.

“We have a huge elderly population. A lot of them are on a state pension so they may not be able to afford £65 to have their ears done.

“GP surgeries are no longer providing ear syringing or irrigation.

“The Health Secretary should have a whole system in place similar to eye sight issues where they give vouchers.”

A need to work closer to home after losing her husband Jeremy and father Terence within five months prompted Mrs Green to start up her own business.

She launched All Clear Hearing and Wax Removal from her home in Little London in Spalding earlier this year.

Her clinic not only helps to provide hearing aids but also offers an ear wax suction service.

Mrs Green cautions against using cotton buds to remove ear wax as this could push the mixture of oils, sweat and skin further into your ear canal. Running a piece of tissue on a finger around your ear is better.

Mrs Green said: “I once took four plugs of ear wax from a client’s ear. You are probably talking about a total of 2.5cm plug of wax.

“It had completely blocked her canal.

“After it was removed she could hear again. It must have have been like listening through a wall.

“Once the wax is removed, it is like switching on a light . Their voice drops as they can hear people.”

Concerns have also been raised in the industry about the impact of loud music and ear buds.

Mrs Green said: “We have a whole generation of hearing aid users at a much younger generation. You would expect people in their 50s and 60s but there are people in their 30s and 40s with hearing loss.”

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