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Anglian Water reveal artist’s impression of proposed Lincolnshire reservoir which could be built near Scredington, Helpringham and Swaton

Water bosses have released an artist’s impression of the their proposed new multi-million pound reservoir in Lincolnshire.

Anglian Water is looking to construct a five kilometre-squared reservoir on land close close to Scredington, Helpringham and Swaton – which has created some prompted a backlash from residents and businesses who fear they may lose their livelihoods.

The water company will soon be launching its second phase of public consultation on the reservoir proposals, which will take place from May 30 to July 25.

Anglian Water has unveiled an artist's impression of how the proposed Lincolnshire Reservoir could look PHOTO: ANGLIAN WATER
Anglian Water has unveiled an artist's impression of how the proposed Lincolnshire Reservoir could look PHOTO: ANGLIAN WATER

Ahead of this, the firm has released an artist’s impression of how the reservoir could feature in the landscape – which has been created using feedback from the first consultation.

The design includes new footpaths and cycling trails along with a unique lagoon feature which would facilitate activities such as sailing and wind surfing.

Geoff Darch, Head of Supply Demand at Anglian Water said: “In a future with more people but less reliable rainfall, the reservoir will have a crucial role to provide future water supply. However, our vision for this project has always gone beyond simply building a reservoir for public water supply: we want to integrate the reservoir with the surrounding landscape, and maximise social, economic and environmental opportunities.

“We plan to include features that local communities would value and together we will identify opportunities to deliver ecological benefits and promote sustainability. We’re proposing new ways to protect nature, help it thrive, and teach future generations about how water shapes our lives and the environment.”

The proposals include wetland areas spread across the reservoir that would seek to provide new habitats and encourage ecological restoration.

Each of these features would be connected by a network of new footpaths, encouraging visitors and the local community to explore the new outdoor destination.

Anglian Water says the new reservoir would create jobs, and wider economic, environmental, leisure and health benefits for the local community.

During the week-week consultation, the firm will be discussing the emerging design and the associated water infrastructure required to fill the reservoir, treat the water, and transport it to homes and businesses.

Prior to the start of the consultation, Anglian Water says it will be engaging with property and land owners who may be impacted by the proposals.

Geoff said: “Engaging with local communities and wider stakeholders is an important part of how we are developing our plans and we look forward to updating the public on other key aspects of the project at our upcoming consultation.

“We will be hosting a wide range of consultation materials on the project website, while engaging directly with the community through a series of in-person events across the proposed area, ensuring information is accessible to as many people as possible.

“These events are a great opportunity for the public to engage with the project team and we look forward to welcoming further feedback on our emerging design.”

Anglian Water says that the reservoir project is vital as the demand for water will outstrip supply over the next decade.

The proposed reservoir in Lincolnshire is part of a multi-billion pound investment programme from Anglian Water, with the firm currently building a network of strategic pipelines to bring water from wetter to drier parts of the region, which will help to secure water supplies while two new reservoirs are being built. The other proposed to be located in the Chatteris.

This project forms part of the company’s long term Water Resources Management Plan, which looks 25 years ahead, with the objective of making the region resilient to drought, while improving environmental protection.

Anglian Water’s existing reservoirs, such as Rutland Water and Grafham Water, welcome more than two million people each year. The proposed Lincolnshire site will also seek to encourage tourism in the area, creating new jobs and supporting existing local businesses.

During the forthcoming consultation, a range of information, including an interactive map and masterplan, project brochures and an educational animation will be made available on the project website.

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