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Spalding area's Callum Brazzo: I am ready to be part of the empowered conversation

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

Returning to Long Sutton last week for the mental health event at St Mary’s Church coordinated by Father Sibley, was a very interesting situation to find myself in once again.

I’d never been to this event before, but Long Sutton is where I grew up and into a confident man, and being surrounded by a community that had come together, specifically to connect on what ultimately connects us all, resonated with me.

Callum Brazzo (9317323)
Callum Brazzo (9317323)


In other news on an international level, April comes closer in the calendar and I am still approaching Autism Acceptance Month with trepidation but in equal measure, I have hope.

Hope that people like Greta Thunberg, for one prominent example, has served as an example to all autistic children and general onlookers that change starts young and that we are all capable of causing a shift, notably a shift of perspective and attitude towards the world that connects us all.

I do not want Greta Thunberg’s autistic identity to be used as an example but I certainly do believe that people in the spotlight have a social responsibility to act upon the needs of those who may otherwise be considered ‘beneath’ them or in other words, not in the same spotlight as them.

Social media titans, TV celebrities and everyone in between that are put on a pedestal of power should use it to empower.

I recently connected, via Skype call, with my beautiful cousin Nina Brazzo, whom I have never met but performed her own poetry, and spoke with me and Radio 786 host Rameez Cassiem whilst I was in Spalding’s market place.

I was prepared for a conversation but not necessarily at the time they called me but I adapted in the moment, despite several difficulties with the WiFi (affecting the Skype call) and eventually I indulged in what was an absolute privileged and extremely pleasurable interview.

Radio 786 is South Africa’s number one Islamic Talk Radio Station which prides itself on 3 words; Inform, Educate and Uplift.

These are the same qualities that I believe people on pedestals of power (to some extent with my column and as a poet, I place myself in this category) and I feel like this week has been a really enlightening one.

On Thursday, March 26, at Sergi’s Tapas Bar, I will perform once again as a poet and have an opportunity to speak my piece on whatever I see as appropriate to the set time I have for performing.

It will be my first live performance of 2020 and as I return to the place that I saw my own father, a key component of my transformation, in the same full circle moment that members of my support group Autistic Led followed me in, I am on a reinvigorated path to empower and enrich the community.

This April is much like the Radio 786 interview on the street. A conversation I wasn’t totally ready for but as an empowered autistic individual, as I am now, I definitely want to be involved in it.

Ciao for now!

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