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Imaginarium Bar in Spalding is set to host first chocolate bottomless brunch event

If you thought the Easter chocolate fun was over, prepare to devour your body weight in (or more) at a devilishly sweet event.

Many people might be feeling sad to see the bunnies and eggs disappear but chocoholics need not fear as a boutique bar is gearing up with something everything a chocolate lover dreams of.

The Imaginarium Bar in Spalding, is set to host a chocolate bottomless brunch on Saturday, April 6 from 3.30pm - and it will feature 90 minutes of unlimited alcohol and sweet treats.

The Easter cocktails on offer at The Imaginarium Bar
The Easter cocktails on offer at The Imaginarium Bar

One of the drinks set to feature in the event includes the ‘death by chocolate’ cocktail. This creamy chocolatey tipple will be served in a Cadbury Easter egg with extra whipped cream on the top, chocolate sauce and more chocolate on the side.

Others on the menu include ‘The Easter Bunny’, ‘Blooming Lovely’, a chocolate orange inspired Martini and chocolate shots – which will be served in smaller chocolate eggs and filled with a Baileys mixture and a milk or white chocolate liqueur.

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All of the drinks will be served alongside a selection of ‘picky bits’ such as, brownies, cakes, chocolate hazelnut toast, biscuits, mounds of chocolate and more.

The 'death by chocolate' cocktail will be served in an Easter egg
The 'death by chocolate' cocktail will be served in an Easter egg

Imaginarium manager Hannah Stout said: “We host a themed bottomless brunch on the first Saturday of every month. As it was close to Easter we thought we might as well do a chocolate inspired one.

“I love chocolate more than anybody and I have never seen anything like it before in Lincolnshire, so I’m excited for it and I think it’s going to be really fun.”

Some of the previous bottomless brunch themes at the bar include Mean Girls, Disney, Barbie and Halloween.

A chocolate orange martini
A chocolate orange martini

Hannah said: “Normally we centre our events around music, but when we came to do this one we realised there isn’t really any Easter music. We’re trying to keep it relevant to more people without stepping on anyone’s toes, by concentrating more on the chocolate element of it all.

“So far this is one of the popular ones and I’m feeling super confident. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream and its also just a bit of fun and something different.”

Hannah explained how her favourite part of the Easter holiday is eating chocolate.

Chocolate shots
Chocolate shots

She added: “It’s a judgement free zone, you can get as happily drunk as you want and eat as much chocolate as you want.

“Being in such a small town, I don't want people to feel like they have come here once for bottomless brunch and that’s it, we try to keep it different and unique.

“From my previous experiences of looking for things to do in Spalding with my partner, it’s a lot of the same and there’s not many special things to do – so we try and create things that are easily available for people and I’m really proud to be one of the people around the area that offers stuff like this.

“We are always happy to take recommendations on new ideas and themes people would be interested in us doing and if this one goes down really well, we might add it into our rotation of events in the year.”

The 90 minute event costs £37.50 per person and will need to be booked on the website prior to the day. There will also be table top games such as Jenga and Connect Four available.

Could you handle the bottomless chocolate brunch challenge? Let us know in the comments below…

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