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Men who took car parts, tools and Scalextric sets found near Swineshead farm must pay out combined £1,500

Three men who were spotted unloading car parts, tools and Scalextric sets that didn’t belong to them must pay out a total of £1,543.

Brothers Ingus and Ingars Zeijers and friend Martins Volans pleaded guilty to theft by finding through a Latvian interpreter when they appeared at court on Wednesday (April 24).

Volans, 34, also admitted being in possession of 99.79 grams of amphetamine, which the court was told would have a street value of up to £350.

Boston Magistrates' Court
Boston Magistrates' Court

Boston magistrates were told that at some point between 8am and 9am on April 9 a resident of Clover Farm Services in Swineshead heard the sound of an engine revving.

“There have been previous thefts there and they were suspicious,” prosecutor Turan Sunat said.

“He went to investigate and saw an Audi A3 outside the farm, half on the verge and half on the road.

“The boot and rear doors were open. One man was sat in the driver’s seat, that was Mr Volans. One man was between the vehicle and the furrow area and a third was putting items in the car.”

The resident followed the vehicle but lost them at Wigtoft.

However, another farm worker hit the roads looking for the car and chanced upon it on Queen Street in Boston.

Police were called and at the address they found the items and the amphetamine.

Mr Sunat added Volans was not charged with intent to supply as there was ‘no evidence’ of dealing.

Another resident of the farm identified the items recovered by police as belonging to them.

The full list of items found were two boxes of the Scalextrik car game, a welding machine, impact gun, charger, electric motor, battery, carrier bag with spanner, bolts and nuts, an aluminium air intake car part and two bags of tools.

“Due to the age of the items he (the resident) was unable to put a financial value on them, but they said they did have sentimental value,” Mr Sunat added.

In police interview the three defendants said they found the items abandoned by the road.

“There is no evidence that any of the three defendants have been on the property,” said Rebecca Freritas, defending the trio.

“All three were arrested and taken to Boston Police Station. There was no chance for any of them to speak to each other yet they all said similar things in interview.”

The court was told Ingars, 31, and Ingus Zeijers, 32, live together at Friars Gate, Boston, both working shifts at a service station.

Volans receives a carer’s allowance to look after his wife.

Ingars Zeijers - who has lived in the country for 11 years - was fined £370 and must also pay a victim surcharge of £148 plus £85 court costs.

Ingus Zeijers was fined £350 and must also pay a £140 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Volans was fined £120 for the theft by finding and £80 for the possession of amphetamine. He must also pay an £80 surcharge and £85 costs.

Magistrates ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the amphetamine.

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