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Spalding's Jo Esdale, of Essential Wellbeing, is sharing tips of how to stay healthy in the coronavirus crisis

This month what else could I write about other than maintaining your health during this time of crisis.

The team at Essential Well-being recommend the following advice to maintain your immune system and protect yourself.

Wash your hands regularly, especially when you have been outside and avoid touching your face if you can (its harder than you realise)


herbs (23257053)
herbs (23257053)


Eat a rainbow of foods, have as many different types fruit and veg as you can in the week to keep your microbiome healthy, eat mushrooms regularly for their anti-microbial properties (all are good fresh or dried, Reishi and Shitake especially)

Reduce or eliminate sugar and fake sugars, they are yummy, but they reduce the ability to fight infection.

Add herbs and spices to your cooking; Sage, Rosemary, Garlic, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Turmeric and Ginger are easy to obtain and high in anti-viral properties (cover with a lid when cooking so the active essential volatile oils go back into the food)

Drink lots of water and herbal teas to flush the toxins out.

Increase your Immunity

Increase your immunity by introducing a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and many of the B vitamins help boost your immunity. Look for ones which have all of those especially at 100% RDA.

Have a high dose Vitamin C and a high dose Zinc supplement on hand in case you need them for the next step

Reduce your stress

Reduce stress and anxiety, the media is fuelling our stress levels with constant negative news. Stress reduces our ability to fight infection.

The majority of us need to reduce our stress levels, so why not take the time for yourself, enjoy a relaxing massage, try yoga, meditation, or simply watch something which really makes you laugh.

Take a walk outside every day if you can and boost your endorphins.

Engage your Vagus nerve (it runs from the gut, past every major organ to the brain and has been shown to help keep your immunity high, this can be stimulated with a cold shower or cold face wash, laughing, humming and singing).

Burn or diffuse essential oils to keep your home healthy, eucalyptus, tea tree, ravensara, rosemary and many others are anti-viral.

At the first signs of Covid-19 Infection - Stay at home and self isolate

Covid-19 does not produce a runny nose but does produce a dry cough if it gets to the lungs. If you think you may have it; gargle warm saltwater every hour or so, like colds and throat infections. Covid-19 starts with a sore throat so knock those bugs out before they make it into your lungs. (Horrid I know but it definitely works for tonsillitis so worth persevering in this case too)

Up your fluid intake, drink water and herbal teas. Good teas include olive leaf, rosemary, sage, yarrow, thyme, marigold, cinnamon, cleavers, lemon balm, mint, tulsi and ginger, make a blend to suit your tastes but cover when brewing, it best to make them in a pot to keep those oils in.

Take 1000mg Vit C three to four times daily. This may cause diarrhoea but worth it to flush out the virus.

Take a high dosage Zinc supplement to give your immunity an extra boost and try easy to access herbal products which can help like Echinacea, Elderberry cordial or Sambucol.

Make healthy smoothies and vegetable soups to get those micro-nutrients into you and eat little and often.

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