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Drone people’s video imagines how Lincolnshire’s coastline could be altered if Centre Port’s Wash tidal barrage plans go ahead

A controversial project that would radically change one of the most important wetland habitats in the country has been explored in a new video.

An aerial photographer, Drone People, has taken to the skies to create the documentary that visualises the effect the plans to build a tidal barrage stretching from Hunstanton to Lincolnshire could have upon the Wash.

It showcases how stunning views of the coastline that could become permanently altered if Centre Port’s dreams of creating the world’s first deep-sea container port were to be approved.

The firm believes the £3bn barrage could help protect vast swathes of land in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire from being devastated by tidal surges and flooding, which it says is predicted to happen due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.

CEO James Sutcliffe has also said it would help turn the East into an economic powerhouse by creating what would be the first of its kind in the world, boosting the shipping and energy industry.

However, the project has generated a huge amount of backlash from environmental groups, who worry it would destroy the ecosystem of the Wash, which is one of the most important habitats for migratory birds in the world.

The sun sets over Hunstanton and The Wash. Picture: Owen Sennitt
The sun sets over Hunstanton and The Wash. Picture: Owen Sennitt

At a meeting in Hunstanton last November, CEO James Sutcliffe faced critics, which included members of the Lynn fishing industry, who said the barrage would devastate their business.

Graham Cooke, 56, who started Drone People four years ago, said: “I hope this video will raise awareness of the issue and the impact this could have.

“I think that the plans have not been thought through properly. I hope this will show the potential risk to the area if the barrage is built. It seems a cash-making scheme first and foremost.”

Mr Cooke has said the views expressed in the video are his own opinion, after deciding the plans would have a negative effect upon the Wash.

While formal plans are yet to surface, the project has been growing in momentum in the last year.

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