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Freedom of Information request reveals which speed cameras in Lincolnshire catch the most law-breaking drivers

More than 100 drivers are being caught by speed cameras in the county each day.

Nearly 40,000 speed offences have been clocked by cameras in Lincolnshire in the past year, data from a Freedom of Information request submitted by LincsOnline has revealed.

Some of these motorists have been caught at staggering speeds, with the highest being a driver travelling at 142mph on the A1 northbound at Barrowby near Grantham.

The speed camera in Ryhall Road, Stamford
The speed camera in Ryhall Road, Stamford

Speed cameras in this area are the responsibility of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, which aims to stop drivers whizzing by too fast and reduce the number of accidents.

Not only the safety aspect but the threat of a fine, points on a driving licence or jail time should be incentive enough to stick to the speed limit.

But this is not the case…

Across the 40 cameras in the county, which vary between fixed and average, 43,737 offences were detected between May 2023 and May 2024.

The 10 locations with the most speeding drivers during that time period were:

A153 Main Road, Anwick - 7,736

A1434 Bunker’s Hill, Lincoln - 5,316

A1 northbound at Barrowby - 5,117

A151 Main Road, Whaplode - 4,822

A17 Station Road, Swineshead Bridge - 2,486

A151 Holbeach Road, Spalding - 2,444

Lincoln Road, North Hykeham - 2,034

Barrier Bank, Cowbit - 1,836

A607 Cross O’Cliff Hill, Lincoln - 1,820

A52 Butterwick - 1,585

The camera on the A151 at Whaplode
The camera on the A151 at Whaplode

A number of speed cameras did not record any offences during this time period including those at Ryhall Road in Stamford, A1175 Deeping bypass, A15 in Aswarby, A52 in Wrangle, and A52 in Leverton.

Other speed cameras recorded only a handful of offences, including the A15 in Langtoft which caught four drivers and the A17 Long Sutton with 43 offences detected.

The average cameras between A1 Colsterworth and Great Ponton - an accident hotspot - have not been working over the past year so did not detect any speeding.

According to Simon Outen-Coe of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership they are due to be brought back into use this month (June).

He added: “All other sites are operational and may show zero offences within a given period for one or more of the following reasons: Camera units are rotated between sites, and some may not be permanently used; temporary maintenance issues; site provides a visual deterrent and despite being operational, records zero offences; site use may be prioritised based on risk and as such may be used less frequently than others.”

All fixed speed cameras will have a trigger point for catching people – albeit it’s not made clear exactly what that threshold is.

However the law itself is clear - anyone is immediately liable for a speeding prosecution once the speed limit is exceeded whether that is one mph over or 30.

On the A15 in Langtoft and Baston drivers travelling almost double the 40mph speed limit were detected while in Holbeach Road, Spalding the highest speed was 54mph over the speed limit of 30mph.

A driver was caught travelling at 142mph on the A1 northbound at Barrowby near Grantham while others broke the speed limit by 50mph on the A52 at Barrowby and Sleaford Road, Harmston.

When asked, Lincolnshire Police said it does not hold any information on how much money is collected from each of the speed cameras as fines are paid to HM Treasury.

However, in the last financial year the force received £1,101,375 from 24,475 people completing a speed awareness course.

In Rutland there are no fixed speed cameras, however officers are regularly out doing speed checks.

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