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Stamford Town Council called on to maintain public benches

A plea has been made for a town council to maintain public benches that have been left to fall into disrepair.

Over the years a number of benches have been installed in Stamford by the urban group, an offshoot of the civic society, to enhance the town centre.

At the time the projects garnered support and funding from various town groups, but since then the street furniture has been left largely untouched.

Don Lambert
Don Lambert

Don Lambert, former chairperson of the urban group, used an annual meeting last week to call on Stamford Town Council to take up the mantle and maintain them.

“They look quite tired and need cleaning, painting and maintenance,” he said.

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According to Don, a lot of money was spent installing ‘expensive’ benches in St Michael’s Churchyard but they are now ‘absolutely disgusting and rotting’ while the seats in the east end of the High Street are in need of some TLC.

A bench in St Michael's Churchyard
A bench in St Michael's Churchyard

“I would like this to be taken care of before they fall into pieces,” he said.

The benches in St Michael's Churchyard were part of a renovation project to transform the space which also included paving being relaid, a new pathway created, new turf being put down.

At the east end of the High Street, £20,000 improvement plan saw two high quality benches installed as well as an olive tree in a wooden planter

“They look terrible. It doesn’t show the town in a good light,” he said.

A bench in St Michael's Churchyard
A bench in St Michael's Churchyard

“People do notice these things - small things make such a difference.”

The redundant, but iconic red telephone box near The George of Stamford hotel was adopted, refurbished, and repurposed as an information facility for the town and its visitors.

Don says it is now turning green.

“It looks a right mess,” he added.

The telephone box
The telephone box

Responding to Don’s calls for action, mayor of Stamford Andy Croft agreed to go on walk with him to see what needs to be done.

It was also noted the benches in St Michael’s Churchyard are due to have maintenance work in April with the phonebox also being looked at soon.

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