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Bin collections over Easter across Lincolnshire and Rutland

The Easter bunny will soon be hopping along bringing chocolate treats and no doubt some rubbish, so here’s when your bin will be collected.

With Good Friday (March 29) and Easter Monday (April 1) being bank holidays, some collections have changed.

In South Kesteven, which covers Stamford, Grantham, Bourne and the Deepings, there will be collections as usual on Good Friday.

Waste refuse wheelie bins in a line waiting for collection
Waste refuse wheelie bins in a line waiting for collection

But week commencing April 1, all collections will be a day later than normal up to and including Saturday, April 6, with no collections on Easter Monday. The purple-lidded bin for paper and card recycling will be collected during this week. Cardboard packaging from Easter eggs can go in this bin while clean foil can go in your silver recycling bin according to the South Kesteven website (foil which cannot be cleaned because it has oil or fat on must go in the black bin or pink bag).

Residents can check their collection day online at: www.southkesteven.gov.uk/bins-street-care-recycling-and-commercial-waste/find-your-bin-collection-day

Bin collections are not changing in Rutland because of the bank holidays but some people’s collection days are changing as a result of a new fleet of bin lorries. Check your bin collection day here.

In South Holland, which covers the Spalding area, collections will move back. Bins normally collected on Good Friday will be collected on Saturday and all collections week commencing April 1 will move back by a day. Find out your bin collection date here.

Wheelie bins
Wheelie bins

Boston Borough Council is not moving its bin collections. Find your day here.

In North Kesteven, the bins that would normally be collected on Easter Monday (April 1) will be collected earlier on Saturday, March 30. Find your bin day here.

In West Lindsey, there will be no changes.

In East Lindsey, residents are asked to check the website for their bin collection dates here. Some areas are split in terms of collection rounds so it’s important residents check for their specific address. If your address does not appear, please call customer contact on 01507 601111.

The City of Lincoln Council asks residents to check their bin collection dates here.

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The following items cannot be recycled in Lincolnshire and must go in the black general waste bin:

• Glittery wrapping paper, glittery/foil cards

• Plastic bags, including carrier bags

• Dirty used foil

• Takeaway containers

• Crisp tubes and packets

All bins must be out by 6.30am on the day of collection.

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