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Corby Glen author releases 25 True Ghost Stories on Amazon including accounts of paranormal activity in Stamford, RAF Wittering, Grantham and Spalding

An author fascinated with the supernatural has penned 25 frightening ghost stories.

Phil Kerry, from Corby Glen, who has previously written articles on the subjects of architecture, agriculture and antiquities has radically swapped genres to ghost stories.

Over the past 40 years, he has been told many stories by ‘first-hand witnesses’ and felt it was time to put pen to paper and document these accounts.

Phil Kerry has released a book of ghost stories
Phil Kerry has released a book of ghost stories

He also put out an appeal for more local tales on LincsOnline, and received a number of responses, some which are included in his new book 25 True Ghost Stories.

“I’ve now got three to four books worth of stories,” said Phil, director of Stamford Shepherd Huts.

Among the tales he has been told was of an airman on a bike who would be seen cycling near the old Second World War air base in Ancaster near Grantham.

Phil Kerry has released a book of ghost stories
Phil Kerry has released a book of ghost stories

Another story to feature in the book is from a former nurse at RAF Wittering who found her five-year-old son screaming in fear after he saw a man walk through a wall in their house.

That night her husband woke from his sleep with a start to find a ghost airman on his bed, who then put his hand on the man’s forehead and forced him back to sleep.

Weeks later their neighbour visited a psychic medium, for an unrelated matter, and was told there was someone with a message. They asked her to apologise to her neighbour on their behalf as they never meant to scare a child.

Other stories include a Stamford strangler and a voice from the dead in Spalding.

Phil has decided to give each of the accounts in the book a rating between 1 and 10, 10 being the most spine-chilling.

He recognises that ‘for people who witnessed something happen or heard footsteps up the stairs it would have been petrifying’.

He said: “This book is really up there in terms of scariness.”

Phil added that some are frightening, while others border on disturbing.

Almost all of the stories Phil has been told face-to-face which has allowed him to ‘look in people’s eyes and know they are not making it up’.

Phil used artificial intelligence (AI) to illustrate the book by inputting detailed descriptions of the ghosts described in the stories. An artist also created paintings of scenes which wouldn’t have been justice using AI.

25 True Ghost Stories, is now available as an E-book on Amazon for £3.50.

“I’m very excited it has been released,” said Phil.

“There is no other book like it. These stories are from real people and vary enormously.”

Phil has created what he calls ‘The Circle’ which is a group of storytellers and facilitators who find him people to talk to.

He is still on the hunt for more stories about ghosts, UFOs and aliens, and paranormal experiences and asks anyone with a tale to tell to email trueghoststories@outlook.com.

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